Material Suppliers

We provide expert legal support and assistance to Material Suppliers in the New Zealand construction industry.


As material suppliers we understand that supplying products does not just mean delivering goods from A to B.

The supply of goods covers a range of moving parts, from managing your own supply chains, to wholesale/retail relationships, to delivery, to marketing.

Each have their own unique challenges and legal risks and equally require expert guidance to ensure the process runs seamlessly.

We know that one contract does not fit all and that you need tailored agreements that reflect your materials supplied and protect you from risk. We believe in the “do it once do it right” philosophy and offer our set of specialised construction contracts, which have been refined over years of experience and are tried and tested in the industry. This allows you to get on and do what you do best with the knowledge that you have a strong set of legal documents to fall back on if anything goes wrong.

You also need expert advice to ensure that your brand and product disclosure is compliant with the latest regulatory requirements.

We will help you do this.

We are specialists in the Fair Trading Act and Consumer Guarantees Act and can assist with the high level review of contracts, negotiation of agreements and provide general advice so that you can focus on what is most important, supplying goods.

From time-to-time things may not go as planned and you may need an expert in the field to provide fast, accurate advice so that a situation does not spiral out of control. We are experts at managing disputes and can act quickly to achieve a sensible outcome.

Our team have successfully represented large companies and organisations in both Fair Trading and misrepresentation disputes and are able to provide customised advice to ensure that litigation is your last resort.

Experience Sector/Expertise

  • Reviewing and drafting supplier agreements and wholesale/retail sales agreements
  • Advising on variations to contracted scope of works
  • Advising how to get paid for materials supplied
  • Ensuring title and ownership of material only passes on payment
  • Advising on Personal Property Securities Act issues relating to title and possession of material supplied
  • Resolving disputes (e.g., price, delay claims and extension of time for completion)
  • Resolving claims arising from breach of contract (e.g., defective materials claim, non-payment claims)
  • Advising on defects liability
  • Claims and issues arising under the Construction Contracts Act (including adjudication)
  • Claims and issues arising under relevant building legislation
  • Claims in negligence
  • Arbitration or court proceedings

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